About Us

Infant hearing defects are easy for health officials and parents to ignore. After all, a baby with a hearing deficiency and a healthy baby seemingly sound the same. Yet, a child with a hearing defect is significantly more likely to be born with significant speech, language, and cognitive impediments. With about 2-4 of every 1000 newborns being born with congenital hearing loss, the stakes are high for the public health of India.

Global studies have demonstrated that early detection of infant hearing deficiencies is critical to ensure effective management and treatment. In developed nations across the world, governments and non-governmental organizations are placing an increased emphasis on early detection and intervention. Early identification and intervention can allow a child to develop normally alongside his or her peers.

The Ear to Hear Foundation is aiming to ensure that the parents of the infants are aware of such screening, access to the screening with resource support  as may be needed for cognitive development of children of Andhra Pradesh with the expanding territory of all the states of India.

“Open the world of communication to people with hearing loss through education, information, support and advocacy.”